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Welcome to the ROMS support wiki



Welcome to the Decimalware Support Wiki for ROMS. This is a growing resource to assist administrators and users with the ROMS product. As we are working to increase the depth of these resources, if there is a specific function users require assistance with, please log an Assistance Request within the application and we will prioritise the development of the necessary content for the request.

How to access this resource

We recommend that you bookmark this page now for easy access at any time. Alternatively, there is a link in the application footer. In the future, you can click this link to easily access this site.


Getting Started

What is needed to use and access the application

  • Internet connection: we highly recommend accessing the site with a broadband connection. The faster the connection the better. There are a lot of scripts and images to download and the user experience will be significantly better if you are not waiting on items to be be downloaded from the server. For out on the road, you may be able to use your mobile phone as a modem or you may have a separate 'dongle'.
  • An up-to-date browser: be sure to have the latest browser to take full advantage of the site. We typically recommend Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6 or Safari 5 or above. Security settings should be the default or close to it. Disabling javascript and cookies etc will prevent the application from working correctly.
  • Adobe Acrobat Viewer: organisations will share plenty of PDF files. To be able to view these you will need Acrobat. This is a free download from Adobe.

Got of all this sorted? Then point your browser at http://www.rowingonline.com.au to get started.

ROMS offers resources for both authenticated users (people with a login and password) and the anonymous public. Everyone who is in the system has the ability to log in - you just need to know your log in name and password. Your state association can help out here.

Anonymous users can still find club contact details, regatta results, photos and more - so please browse around.

ROMS offers significantly more if you log in. Once a user is logged in, they are able to update information about themselve, join Networks, make regatta entries and more.

If you have rowed in the last 5 years - chances are you have been issued a username and password! So try right now to log in!

Latest Updates

Coming Soon

New Features

  • Mar 3 - Networks - bulk e-mail headers and footers are now configurable.

Known Issues

  • Mar 3 - Regattas - link on regatta page to view videos displays an error page. (Status: fixed)

Recently Updated Support Pages

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Modules / Sections / Major Functions

Large areas of functions can be grouped and discovered via various key headings. A lot of the functions overlap, so you may find you can do something under the banner of two sections. For example, adding a news article to a regatta is the same process as adding one to a network.

Below are the major areas of the application.


ROMS is a powerful communications platform.

Some of the several modes Users can use to communicate include:

For a complete overview of the communications options in ROMS see our complete Communications guide.


ROMS has an extensive array of membership management functions. With ROMS, you can:

  • manage your member register
  • assign a membership class to each member
  • record membership subscriptions
  • invoice members for their memberships in bulk
  • auto-buy state membership levies
  • communicate with members based on class or subscription.

For a complete overview of the membership options in ROMS see our complete Membership guide.


Networks are the centrepiece of the bulk communications strategy in Decimalware.

Networks are essentially groups of people with similar interests or roles to play. Each organisation has control of their own "root" network. You can also create sub-networks to target speciality groups.


This rowing specific functionality of the application, when combined with RP7, facilitates the management of regattas and regatta data.

Getting Assistance

This wiki will it time answer and assist a lot of questions. In the meantime, you can contact your local state association for assistance. You can also lodge an assistance request via the menu option in the application footer.

Your local state association is the best source of assistance if you need changes to data, like:

  • incorrect name spellings or date of births
  • people in the wrong clubs

If you are having an issue with the application itself or are experiencing a bug, lodge an assistance request.

There are also various facebook and twitter resources.

Be sure to check out the Video Tutorials!

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